Freelance Writing

The Quest for a Career

Chapter 1: The Tavern

I am venturing out on a quest to become a career Freelance Writer. The path is long, there are many skills to be learned, and only the brave of heart have prevailed. Join me on this epic journey into the unknown, fight the fearsome search engines by my side, and meet many a strange people. Let us go now into the valley of the internet.


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Chapter 2: Gathering Infomation

I have encountered a horrible beast on the way to the stables. The townfolk here call it a Blog. A suiting name, me thinks. Apparently this beast cannot be killed, it must be defeated through other means. I believe it is supposed to be fed something called RSS, this I have yet to determine though. Do we have a cleric in the party? I sure could use some scholarly advice right about now.

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April 27th

I have been busy lately building blogs and websites all in the name of promotion. Sometimes I wonder if article promotion takes more time than actually writing the articles.

Things are a little more streamline now. Soon I will only be adding new articles to one central website that directs everyone to my Associated Content and eHow articles. I now have 4 blogs that lead the the central website. The blogs and website have/ will have Google Adsense and my hopes are that I can simply promote the blogs and they in turn will boost the page views of my articles.

If you would like to see them all:

The Writings of Carla Michelle


Bipolar Disorder: Through My Eyes (The Blog)


Cooking when the Cupboards are Bare (The Blog)


Cheap & Easy Remodeling (The Blog)


Elko, Nevada (The Blog)


Enjoy! If you see any changes that need to be made or mistakes please let me know. Thank You!

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April 19th

Wow it has been awhile since I have posted anything here. I am sorry to say that my bipolar got the best of me but I think OI am doing better now.

Excellent News!!!
I was targeted by Associated Content 35+ articles on Bipolar Diosrder. I snagged up as many as I could and have worked dilligiantly fo rthe past two days on them. So long as every article gets accepted I will have made $200 in 2 days.

I wanted to share this information with others that feel like they are paddling upstream, there are opprotunities out there. Just keep your eyes open and get work work published and good things will happen.

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How to Daily Wash Dishes by Hand

Learn how to make hand washing dishes part of your daily routine.

See more at

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Why Betas and Sucker Fish Cannot Be in the Same Tank

A true account of a why you should never put a sucker fish in a tank with a Beta, if you like your Beta.

See more at

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Bipolar Disorder and Structured Religion

A personal account of a youth growing up with Bipolar Disorder in a strict Christian family.

See more at

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February 27th

Wow I’ve been away for a month now. Time flies when your in a Bipolar stupor. Just for the sake of sharing Bipolar Disorder makes you do stupid things against your will. Many out there will say that you can just power through it or use willpower to overcome depression and what not. I can vouch that those people obviously have never had to suffer through the effects themselves.

For the past month I have been internally longing to write articles, stories, emails, converse with friends, clean the house and many other things. Unfortunately the mind is capable of turning the world into a dark forboding place. Everything is scary and everyone is judging.

I consider myself a strong person, I have been through a lot in my life, I have a high tolerence for pain and I generally enjoy life. Bipolar Disorder though takes a hold of your mind like a hostage and forces it to do things it would not normally do. Everything is painful, bones feel brittle, colors are faded, friends seem cruel, a phone’s ring or a knock at the door resembles the knock of a demon ready to rip your soul out and devour it. While in your right mind you may fight and struggle to destroy the aggresor, now you simply sit, motionless and dumbfounded neither welcoming or cursing your doomed fate.

When I start to come out of these “moods” I hate myself for not being strong enough to fight it. I feel weak and incompetient in every facet of life. Medication helps, a supportive family helps, but nothing can make it go away. Nothing can make me normal.

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January 9th

I have been spending all of my time working on the X.J. Kennedy Creative Non-fiction Writing Contest entry. I now have it in the Critique & Feedback thread on the Accentuate Writers Forum. I am very excitted as this is my first writing contest entry…ever. Keep your fingers crossed!

I also created my official website the other day. Carla Boner ~ Freelance Writer, go take a look! There are links to all of my articles and some other interesting stuff. This site will mainly act as my online portfolio.

I have been spending a lot of time trying to learn SEO and understand how to obtain higher page views on Associated Content. I know a few people who get up to $12 for their upfront payments, and $50-$1,000 in page view payments a month! I know it takes work, knowing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and pure dedication.

If I am understanding what I have learned lately, my page views and monthly average page views should start increasing dramatically.

A fellow content producer and member of Accentuate Writer’s Forum has put out a challenge to all Associated Content members.

The Unofficial AC Challenge

Six steps to writing SEO

I am going to do it! As long as I put my all into it, all that can happen is I will earn more money!

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January 4th

So I stopped by to tell everyone about a little experiement I am going to do with promoting my Associated Content articles. But first I have to say…

I signed up for yesterday and my pages views went from 82 to 632! I need to find out more about this place now. I’m a little leery of that many hits in less than 24 hours – I hope it’s legit. Maybe each time it rotates through it gets another hit. I’ll do some asking around and research on it then report on it here or better yet I’ll write an article about it.

So back to my AC experiment. I got to thinking about why some of my articles are shootin gthrough the roof in page views while others aren’t doing so hot.

The only thing I could think of was that the 2 that are doing really well were ones I put links to in Yahoo! Answers.

So I am going to link all of my articles to answers at Yahoo! and see what happens. I am only going to put them on Yahoo! for the next two weeks.

Starting on January 18th, I will only use

March 1st – 14th will only be

I will post my page view averages after each two week experiment. I realize their maybe residual from the one before it, but depending on increased results, we should be able to tell which one is the best.

Perhaps it will be a combination of all three.

If you have already done a simular experiment or routinely do this with a site, please leave your comments. Let us know how it has worked for you.

January 5, 2009 Posted by | 1 | , , , , | 2 Comments is an interesting site I stumbled across. I read about how it works but I am far too tired to even try to comprehend any of that technical crap right now.

From what I do understand it is an awesome tool for bloggers and anyone who just wants to sit back and check out a few blogs. The main page rotates through I think 10 blogs, shown as they are live. If you wanna learn more about one just click on it before it rotates to the next one. I enjoyed seeing some of the different types of blogs people have.

I see it becoming a great new Socializing Tool. Go check it out!

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The New American Manifesto

A friend of mine Harry, posted The New American Manifesto on his blog today. He shares an opinion I have had for awhile and I would like to share it with you.

I’m an American and I have some things to say: I’m tired of being mad at the people that attacked my country. I’m tired of being embarrassed by the man that so many of us feel ruined it. I’m tired of living my life in fear that someone might drop a nuke or release a disease. I’m tired of protecting myself. That isn’t freedom. That, my friends, is oppression.”

Finish Reading it here…


Leave a comment for Harry, tell him Carla sent you. Here’s the comment I left:

carlaboner said…
Wow Harry, that was very touching, emotional, and something that needs to be said. I have been trying to convey that same opinion, and failed to do so as eliquently as you have. Excellent work! I will be proud to share this information with others.

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